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Bodrum Line Production Services

Film Production Service In Bodrum

''our specialty is line production service''

Film Production


What We Do

We provide Full Production Services for all type of productions; Commercial,

Social Media Videos, Music Videos, Documentaries, TV Series,

Feature Films and Photo Shootings for our international clients in Bodrum, Turkey.
We cover all your production needs; Location Scouting, PreProduction

Works(Scheduling to Budgeting), Casting, Hiring Technical Crew

and Equipment,Catering,Transportation, Permissions, Legal Paperwork.

We contribute to your project with top  of the full line production

services and high quality standarts. Film crews enjoy work and
accommodation in comfort during filming in Bodrum with us. Marmaris, Fethiye, Antalya, Ayvalik, Kas, Alanya, Side, Datca, Kusadasi, Didim, Izmir ous specialized areas.

Why Bodrum?

Amazing locations, experienced professionals and great weather...

All in Bodrum Due to its geographical location Bodrum offer producers magnificent

landscape with a sun always shining. We have the film friendly light

ever in Bodrum.

Our expertise is in the region of the Mediterranean and Aegean coastline of Turkey,

Marmaris, Fethiye, Antalya, Ayvalik, Kas, Alanya, Side, Datca, Kusadasi, Didim, Izmir. 

The presence of beautiful scenery of beaches, lakes, rivers, mountains, marinas,

antiquets, as well as modern architecture and villages,  provides visual feast

as well as natural film

plateous beyond the dreams of directors and producers.

What We Believe

Choosing a country to film in is more than a creative decision.

The overall cost to shoot in one country compared to another can make

all the difference. Turkey is one of the most cost-efficient countries

in all of Europe.

Cooperation with service company abroad for shoot support to

form new and  stronger

bonds in our people-oriented industry. We are here to
contribute to your project, No matters how big or small it is.
We provide Full Production Services for small
sized projects in big size. Since 2010 we’ve been on a mission to help our clients

maximize the value of their production and get the finest quality
at the lowest possible cost.
With our know-how and inside-knowledge of the
industry and passion to getting things beautifully
done, we are the one and only full production
service house in Bodrum. We are the power of
local for a cost and time effective shoot in Turkey.


 Online Production Services

Always On Line

Give us your Location Brief
we offer feedback, do your hunting and scouting online. And discuss options, crunch numbers, And suggest more options for a minimum cost.


Always On Budget

We fully understand your needs and always keep you on budget.

We provide cost efficient production.

Our budget is always transparent.


Always On Time

If you are happy with the locations and
budget now we can make connections with other creative people and expand our teams, work on schedule and get things done for you to get the picture you dream. Drop us an email or give us a call to find out more.



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Akdeniz cad. No: 24 Bodrum  Mugla / Turkey


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